The Diamond Family History
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Hello, welcome to our family history. Researching my family heritage is not an easy task, and so as new sources of information appear on the Internet, I will make them accessible here on this website. I have to warn you up front that I am not formally trained as a genealogist, and as such I will need as much help as I can get to trace the family lineage. So please look around, and if you think you might be a part of this puzzle, let me know.

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Hello, my name is Paul Diamond and I maintain the Diamond Family Website.
I started this website so that I could research and find out more about my family.
What got me started was looking at old pictures my grandparents had and wondering who all those people were. Also, talking to other family members and hearing about all these cousins and other members of our family that I never heard about. So what better way to find out than start a genealogy website?
If anyone has any information you can add or correct then by all means create an account and help me out.

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These are the oldest recorded family members in the Diamond Family tree.

Eldest Male: Eldest Female:
John Tetford
Catherine Gill

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